Wash Rack Applications

Applications Overview

Whatever your washing application, we have a fully customizable solution to meet your specs.

Easily wash and rinse virtually any type of vehicle, equipment, or parts with Riveer wash rack systems while remaining environmentally compliant. Built-in or above-grade portable water reclamation systems automatically capture your wash water for filtration, treatment and reuse within the system or safe discharge to your drain.

Clean up dirty jobs efficiently while protecting the environment from contaminants and extending the life of your equipment along with one of our earth’s most precious resources: water. Talk to a sales engineer today to learn how we can simplify your equipment washing process no matter what constraints you have at your work site.

Some of the applications we support include:

See some examples of our world-class environmental equipment washing systems in action:

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.