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Steel Wash Rack with Dirt and Wash Water Recovery
Enclosed Equipment and Weldment Washing

Engineered Wash Racks and Recovery Systems

If you’re in the market for wash racks and wash water recovery systems, you’re in the right place. Riveer is a global manufacturer of wash racks, wash water filtration, cleaning solution reclamation and power washers. Riveer technology leads the washing and water recycling industry in ease of use, performance and efficiency. Riveer Racks feature patented, low profile vehicle ingress, paired with our industrial strength solids removal and water filtration.

The Riveer Treatment System (RTS) removes contaminants such as oil and particulate matter to help extend the life of your wash solution. Your process can be completely closed loop with zero discharge, or treat the solution well enough for sewer discharge (check with local discharge limits). In either case, we can help you review your options and advantages specific to your individual washing needs.

Riveer is also pioneering aircraft corrosion mitigation with Birdbath Clearwater Rinse Systems, Defense Wash Down Systems and Secondary Spill Reclamation. From the MudMaster to the VWS, the Solution is Clear with Riveer.

ISO LogoRiveer employs a quality management system that is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Wash Water Systems

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Riveer is the best selling above ground wash rack and containment pad because we build them rock solid. Learn more

Closed loop wash rack designed for forklift, parts washing & degreasing: captures, filters and recycles.
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MudMaster™ washes, contains and filters wash water for recycled use; dewaters solids too. Learn more

Keep your airframes corrosion-free with BirdBath, TAWS® and ARC commercial and military flight-line Learn more

CamelRack is a closed-loop car and truck wash for low-water, semi-permanent, zero discharge applications. Learn more

Whether you’re a maintenance facility, a remote oil field, or a military depot, you need to be compliant. Learn more

Simple to Use Wash Rack Technology

Environmental regulations require many facility mangers to assume technical responsibility for everyday tasks such as dump truck or forklift washing. The commercial grade garden hose is no longer a viable option in washing. That’s why Riveer specializes in equipment washing systems that are easy to operate and maintain, and deliver a simple solution to a very complex and technical environmental problem. We engineer effective water treatment through a number of methods depending on each application. Our technologies include mechanical separation, settling, coalescing, oil skimming, ozonation, micron filtration, membrane filtration, evaporation, and the use of oil consuming microbial systems. But the solution is easy: squeeze the GripStart and get washing!


  • All day long, there’ll be one semi in the wash bay and 20 of them lined up. They just go one right after another. They love this darn thing.

    Greg C.
    Maintenance Manager, Chesapeake Energy Systems
  • I really like the Riveer system. It’s easy to use, has high pressure; you can turn it on hot water, cold water. It’s the best system I’ve ever used for cleaning semis.

    Rod L.
    Maintenance Technician, Chesapeake Energy Systems
  • We’d Recommend the Riveer system based on our experience.

    Kevin P. Wagner
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