Filters, Treats and Recycles Wash Water

RTS 500 Wash Water Recycler

Filters, Treats and Recycles Wash Water

Water Filtration and Treatment System

The wash water treatment/filtration system (RTS-500) is modular engineered wash water recycling system that can be scaled to the industrial user’s needs.

The treatment system was uniquely packaged onto a single equipment skid to save valuable floor space and time during installation.

The RTS 500, like all Riveer Treatment Systems, is a turnkey product capable of oil/water separation, filtration and treatment, delivering 95% process water back for reuse, while eliminating discharge of potentially environment harming effluent. The RTS 500 is very compact and designed for relatively light loads.

Key System Highlights:

  • Totally automatic water management
  • Available with Sump Pump recovery or Diaphragm Pump recovery from Riveer Wash Rack
  • Includes Standard 8″ x 30″ SS Absolute Filter
  • Available with Optional 24″ Media Filter

Water Recycling Features

The water treatment unit shall include the following:

  • Type 304L Stainless steel construction
  • 3 Chamber settling tank includes coalescing and filtration staging:
    • Over 1/2 hour minimum dwell time promoting full settling of suspended solids
    • Laminar flow with velocity reducing inlet piping
    • Compound inlet settling tank promotes sheer induced settling
    • 3 section tank with undercurrent design using stainless steel weir structures
    • Multiple Plate separator
    • The RTS is often paired with a Riveer wash rack as a Washmaster 500
    • 180 gallon coalescing tank
    • 4 cu ft. of coalescing media with over 528 square foot of surface area
    • Highly efficient polypropylene media with 100% pass through design
    • Low-velocity flow with modified “up cross flow” fluid path design
    • High-efficiency oil skimmer with external “oil catch” reservoir
  • 60 gallon filtration staging tank
    • Underflow design to maintain proper pump prime and flow velocity
    • Large capacity pump reservoir limits filtration cycling
    • Optimum flow and pressure filter loading
    • High and Low level electronic monitoring switch
    • Waterfall flow distribution through replaceable oil absorbent
    • Recycled Water Holding Tank
    • 400 gallon poly holding tank
    • High, mid, and low water sensor
    • Drain port and sample port
    • Sight gauge for manual tank level observation
    • Fresh water electronic city water valve for automatic water management
    • Tank shaded in opaque color stopping potential biological growth from sunlight

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.

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