Aircraft Rinse Carts

Aircraft Rinse Carts

Aircraft Rinse Carts for Fixed Wing Aircraft and Helicopters

The Aircraft Rinse Cart (ARC)—designed in conjunction with the U.S. Navy—meets (and surpasses) the criteria for aircraft rinsing performance in harsh environments and remote airfield operations.

Delivering airframes safe high volume, low pressure aircraft rinsing, the ARC is able to perform aircraft rinses and meet the rinsing and pressure guidelines in TM 1-1500-344-23-2. Both the Army and Air Force have signed with Riveer to utilize the ARC rinsing equipment in their respective fields and operations.

Features of the Riveer ARC are:

  • US Navy and US Army approved for rising fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
  • Safe-for-aircraft 175 PSI.
  • Totally self-contained.
  • Ideal for corrosion mitigation of all civil and military aircraft.
  • Designed for flight line AGE towing.
  • Dual wands for faster rinsing.

Aircraft Rinse Carts Features:

  • Run dry protection.
  • Auto fill for unattended fill-up.
  • Low RPM CARB Tie IV Diesel Powerplant.
  • AGE retracting grounding cable.
  • AGSE parking brake and DOT trailer.
  • Min 12-hour operation with on-board fuel.
  • On-board storage for components, spares, support equipment.
  • NEMA 4 electrical construction.
  • Water-cooled low RPM diesel generator.
  • Variable angle spray nozzle.
  • Advanced AGM battery for long storage life and exceptional power.
  • Fully ruggedized structure with custom frame to provide a low center of gravity.
  • Perimeter protection bumper to prevent damage to frame.
  • Automatic shut-down for low pressure, high temp, low Hz or high Hz.
  • Full protection circuitry for pumps, motors, and generator.
  • IEC CE standard components.
  • Easily drained for storage and transport with large dump valves.
  • Available with hot water.
  • Available with 2 additional guns (simultaneous use for 4 users).
Riveer ARC
Grip Start

Optional for Aircaft Rinse Carts:

  • Hot water at aircraft safe 140F (upgrades to 3 axle running gear).
  • 2000 gallon tank (upgrades to 3 axle running gear).
  • Four Gun Operation @ 10 GPM EA.
  • Galvanized frame and structure.
  • Foam spray up to 25’ with air compressor.
  • 2000 hour spares kit.

The ARC’s 175 PSI is safe for aircraft, spraying 10 gallons of water per minute through each wash wand. This spray helps meet strict TM requirements for aircraft rinsing and decontaminating operations. The ARC’s spray is low-pressure enough to not damage aircraft equipment, but high volume enough to effectively rinse common areas of entrapment.

The ARC effectively rinses large areas, greatly reducing rinse time. Dual guns on the ARC allow two users to perform the rinsing, reaching 200 total feet of surface area. When used simultaneously, the dual guns are still able to produce effective flow rates, and can easily spray an additional 40 feet for rinsing tail sections and larger aircraft. Simultaneous use of the dual guns does not negatively impact flow rates. In addition, the spray can easily extend 40′ for rising tail sections and larger aircraft.

While corrosion control is a necessity, it also shouldn’t require all of your time. Riveer’s ARC is easy to operate and maintain. The trailer-mounted, standalone unit is completely self-contained. This also means the ARC is easily transported and towed with HMMV, TUG or other common AGE. The ARC features a 6 to 28 inch tall tow bar, surge brakes, stout and full boxed trailer construction.

It also includes a 7000 axle set rating. Baffles help stabilize the ARC’s tank by minimizing the free-surface affect. Riveer’s ARC is transportable in accordance with MIL-STD-209, 1791, and 913.

It can also operate in a variety of environmental conditions. Optional hot water exponentially improves the effectiveness of the rinse in removing corrosion causing contaminants. You also do not need to spend hours of training. Simple controls and an intuitive layout minimize the need for operational training. The ARC does not require calibration and is ready to work when delivered from the factory.

ARC operates on JP-8 and other common aircraft fuels or diesel. Onboard or external supplies of water can be used to supply the ARC. A 1000-gallon tank (2000-gallon optional) holds fresh water, allowing for a continuous and length run time when no water is nearby.

riveer water filtration system
Inlet Water Pretreatment Skid

An RO system that filters your water supply as you fill up your aircraft rinse cart tank and reduces fill time.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.