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Equipment Washing Systems

Heavy Duty Wash Racks with Wash Water Recovery and Filtration

Washing construction equipment, oil rigs, waste haulers, tractor trailers, commercial mowers, forklifts, 6×6’s… you name it, MudMaster™ washes them clean. Whether blasting clay and mud, washing wheels or rinsing oils, MudMaster has the high pressure, hot water power to do the job quickly and efficiently.

The MudMaster Series of equipment washing systems, wash racks and wash water reclamation systems range in applications from once a day cleaning of golf course and park maintenance equipment to the high volume throughput of earthmoving and heavy construction vehicles. Washing industrial vehicles is only half of the battle; you have to stay in compliance for wash water pollution.

The days of using your floor or storm water drains for discharge are long gone. Chances are you’re under local, state and federal regulations that are all about proper disposal. All the more reason for MudMaster. MudMaster combines heavy-duty engineering and ease of use with sequential filtration technology.

The result is an integrated system for washing any sized vehicle, containing the wash water and discharged solids, separating solids from liquids, and then treating the wash water for real time re-use. Stay clean, stay in compliance with MudMaster 1000, 3000 or 5000.

equipment washing systems

Standard Wash Rack System
(Mudmaster 500)

The Standard Wash Rack System (Mudmaster 500) was designed to deal with light to moderate dirt loads. This closed-loop washing and filtration system is ideal for equipment washing, including forklifts, light-duty trucks, booms and scissor lifts, etc. MudMaster’s zero-discharge wash rack allows for environmentally friendly cleaning by containing run-off so it doesn’t contaminate surrounding ground water and recycling the water for reuse in future washes.

mud master 500
equipment washing systems

Intermediate Wash System
(Mudmaster 3000)

The Intermediate Wash System (Mudmaster 3000) is a closed-loop recycling wash rack which handles moderate to heavy mud loads. Easily broken down and transported in 20′ all-weather ISO containers, MudMaster is an ideal solution for deployed applications where vehicle track-out is a concern. The MudMaster 3000 employs the RTS 3000 water treatment system to add the remove oils and solids from the water so it may be reused for future washes.

mudmaster 3000
fleet equipment washing systems

Heavy-Duty Wash System (Mudmaster 5000)

From the sun-baked deserts of the Middle East to the oil and gas fields of the U.S., the Riveer Heavy-Duty Wash System (Mudmaster 5000) has met the demanding challenge of washing military vehicles, constructions equipment, waste haulers and other hardworking rigs clean and reclaiming the run-off. Mud, muck, dust, and dirt are no match for Mudmaster’s water cannons, solids separation technology, and filtration. Where the payloads are heavy and the roads are long, you’ll find MudMaster right at home.

mud master 5000
equipment washing system

Automatic Paving Equipment Cleaning System (APECS)

Automatic Paving Equipment Cleaning System (APECS) automatically cleans asphalt and bituminous road oil from paving equipment, oil distributors, compactors and tools. Used by DOT’s and paving contractors, APECS’ unique spray pattern power washes with cleaning solutions or solvents, then recirculates the solution for reuse. APECS zero discharge technology includes a diaphragm pump to recover discharged solvent before it reaches the ground.

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Drive-Through Wash Station (CamelRack)

CamelRack is an all-in-one system complete with rugged steel wash rack, RTS filtration system and industrial grade pressure washer. From one to one hundred vehicles a day, CamelRack keeps your staff on site, not driving back and forth to car washes. Save time. Save gas. Save money with CamelRack.

camel rack

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.