Mining & Construction

On-site wash systems keep mining and construction equipment functional.

Mining & Construction

On-site wash systems keep mining and construction equipment functional.

Equipment washing is an essential part of the job for the mining and construction industries.

Mining and construction operations are vital to our daily lives. 

For both industries, the work done can only be as good as the equipment available. And equipment requires continuous maintenance and cleaning in order to remain operable and safe for your workers. That’s where we come in: Riveer has designed and built custom equipment washing solutions for the mining and construction industries for over 20 years.

washing mining equipments

Washing Solutions for Mining Equipment

The mining industry provides the resources that allow our communities to develop and thrive. In order for miners to continue doing this important work, their equipment must remain in tip-top shape, which is no easy task. Mines are typically located far from civilization in mountainous regions, sometimes over a mile below ground. The equipment often operates continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so miners need washing solutions on-site that can function in these tricky environments.

Mining equipment
washing construction equipment

Washing Solutions for Construction Equipment

Just like mining, the construction industry plays a crucial role in the advancement of society, to make our lives more comfortable and efficient. From skyscrapers and homes to highways and sewers, construction machinery, such as excavators, dozers, and cranes, is needed to build a better future. And like all equipment, it must be maintained and cleaned frequently in order to keep performing as intended and to keep workers safe on the job.

Prevent Catastrophe at Your Work Site With a Riveer Wash System

The operating environments for equipment in the mining and construction industries can be extreme. Many issues can arise if equipment is not properly cleaned and maintained.

Sustainability, efficiency and reliability are non-negotiables for success in the mining and construction fields. Equipment failures can have serious implications not only for deadlines, but for worksite safety. Moreover, as this equipment trends ever-larger, repair work can become a major undertaking with the expenses to match.

Riveer customers need dependable on-site washing solutions that can withstand these harsh environments—that means wash racks or built-in concrete containment pads, heavy-duty pressure washers and wash water filtration systems that are tough, long-lasting and reliable.

As a result, Riveer has helped customers develop washing solutions that fit their unique site specifications and offer both long life and high reliability. In this way Riveer contributes to increased efficiency and lower maintenance costs, while facilitating a sustainable and environmentally compliant operation in rigorous mining and construction climates.

Riveer Products Made for Mining & Construction

Mining and construction equipment is in operation at a broad range of sites all around the world. In order for these respected industries to keep their equipment clean while protecting the earth, they need innovative and effective washing and water containment solutions. Riveer has the experience and technology to meet these demands. From standard portable steel wash racks with basic water filtration and washing capabilities to giant in-ground containment pads that send wash water to a robust recycling system that can filter out heavy mud and solids utilizing solar and wind power, Riveer products are built for the particular needs of the mining and construction industries.

Following are some of the Riveer products often used in the mining and construction industries:

mudmaster 3000
MudMaster™ 3000

The MudMaster™ 3000 is a closed-loop recycling wash rack which handles moderate to heavy mud loads.

mudmaster 5000
MudMaster 5000

Washes military vehicles, construction equipment, waste haulers, and other hardworking rigs.

off grid wash system
Off-Grid Wash Systems

Our wash systems can be designed with built-in utilities for installation in remote locations with little or no infrastructure.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.