Wash and Recycle Mud and Debris, Wash Water Treatment System

The RTS 3000 is Riveer’s mid-size wash water treatment system for moderate grease and dirt.

Wash and Recycle Mud and Debris, Wash Water Treatment System

Formerly known as the RTS 3000, Riveer’s wash water treatment system filters out moderate grease and dirt.

Riveer Treatment System (RTS 3000) filters your wash water for reuse or safe disposal.

The RTS 3000 was designed to handle moderate to heavy mud loads.

This all stainless steel filtration system features inclined plate separators to settle mud in a large initial settling chamber. The chamber is sloped to a valve that automatically purges settled solids every night. Oil coalescing and removal in conjunction with ozone or bacteria injection completes the initial stage. Wash water is recovered with a run dry diaphragm pump or sump pump where appropriate (this sump pump is capable of pumping a golf ball). High-pressure industrial media filtration removes suspended solids, heavy metals, and VOC’s. This filter is automatically back washed when needed. A final absolute polishing filter cleans the water to 5 microns before sending it to a holding tank. Like all Riveer systems, all water in the system is continuously circulated and injected with ozone or bacteria to prevent the onset of unwanted odors.

Which RTS Best Meets Your Wash Water Filtration Needs?

Riveer Treatment Systems (RTS) are 24/7 workhorses designed to help our customers treat wash water effectively, achieve environmental compliance and prevent pollution. This video takes a detailed look at the features of these closed-loop treatment and recycling systems and explains the differences between each type of RTS. Different applications require different treatment systems, and Riveer has a system for your specific needs.

One button GripStart™ operation:

  • Squeeze pressure washer gun and system starts
  • Release gun and walk away
  • System automatically cycles and shuts down
  • Stainless steel
  • Completely automatic system
  • Oil coalescing
  • Continuous ozone injection
  • High-pressure industrial media filtration

Exclusive Features:

  • Filter automatically backwashes when needed
  • Settled mud is automatically purged with high-pressure water
  • Oil coalescing with automatic oil skimmer
  • Automatic 24/7 ozone injection and/or automatic 24/7 bacteria and air injection with pH adjust
  • Continuous recirculation

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.