Riveer Wash Racks Solve the Compliance Issue

South Haven, MI – Municipal Public Works operations throughout the United States are facing a growing number of regulations for how they wash their equipment. Gone are the days when a city dump truck or earth mover can be hosed down in the maintenance lot. Virtually every city and state have laid down the law for the safe disposal of wastewater from washing and degreasing operations.

Vehicle washing requires huge quantities of fresh water to cleanse them thoroughly from top to the bottom and according to literature survey, it indicates that about 400-600 L water is used to wash a truck or bulldozer and about 150 L water is used to wash a car. Moreover, wastewater discharge will escalate the water pollution as it enters through the storm water runoff untreated into the storm drains. The effluent comprises of various harmful chemicals and plenty of water when enters into the storm drains and this is very dangerous for the environment as it enters in our creeks, rivers and other aquatic bodies untreated. For instance, construction companies, municipal public works, rental companies, and manufactures washing or degreasing parts and equipment expend precious water while the wastewater or effluent is often discharged into the storm water basin which eventually becomes the part of water bodies and posing serious negative environmental impacts on the whole aquatic system.

For nearly 40 years, Riveer Environmental has specialized in designing, manufacturing, and installing site-specific systems for safer washing and disposal of water used on municipal vehicles and equipment. Riveer Wash Racks for Municipal Wash Water Management effectively contains water from daily cleaning and maintenance activities:

  • Low profile designs feature easy access ramps for forklifts and other low-clearance vehicles.
  • Plug and play design makes installation fast and straightforward; no infrastructure or permitting required.
  • Solids conveyor separates mud, clay, and other solids from the wash.
  • Standard walls in 6 and 8 feet; lights, fans, hose reels, roofs, and custom designs available.
  • Grit impregnated diamond tread deck plate.
  • Drive through or drive in designs, in any length and width can be custom engineered to meet your requirements.
  • Optional undercarriage wash is positioned for optimal performance.

Recycling wash water cuts water use drastically and eliminates the possibility of running afoul of regulations, as does a closed loop recycling filtration systems ensures an environmentally compliant organization.

Above grade racks offer convenient bolt-together installation that doesn’t require a building or site permit. Racks can be used as a short-term solution or as a long-term wash facility. Racks can also be automated with conveyors to transfer solids to hoppers for easier disposal.

Racks can also be engineered with undercarriage rinse arrays for easily and effectively cleaning the bottoms of salt trucks, street sweepers, movers, vans and other vehicles and equipment.

Learn more about Riveer wash systems for Municipal Public Works here.