Riveer has a well-defined and straightforward mission statement. We always strive to provide our customers with easy to operate, environmentally compliant washing solutions. Riveer systems are carefully crafted to meet all of these needs, and then some.Any wash system has an obvious primary requirement. It should be able to effectively and thoroughly clean equipment. But Riveer understands that it takes more than that to provide top-of-the-line washing technology. In addition to cleaning effectively, Riveer systems operate quickly, simply, reliably, economically, and responsibly.Any industrial, military or commercial operation understands the importance of getting a job done both quickly and thoroughly. Without ever compromising the effectiveness of our systems, Riveer has developed technology designed specifically to save our customers valuable time. These developments include dual water cannons that maintain a high flow rate when used simultaneously and BirdBath wash systems that allow large aircraft to taxi through wash stations to be automatically cleaned.Grip Start logoAutomatic systems like BirdBath also reduce manpower requirements, which saves our clients money. And when operators are needed to maintain a system, Riveer provides intuitive and effective operator interfaces. Our GripStartTM technology relies on one button to start and stop an entire wash system.

Riveer washing solutions are also customizable. Some applications, like aircraft rinsing, call for low flow rates and high psi. Other applications, like engine degreasing, call for hot water, high pressure and low volume (e.g. 3,000 PSI and 4 GPM). Riveer understands that each application is unique and our team will help you select the technology that is ideal for your situation.

Finally, Riveer is aware that in many situations, clean freshwater is a valuable commodity. Knowing this, Riveer offers advanced closed-loop filtration systems that are both environmentally and fiscally responsible. Riveer filtration systems collect dirty wash water, remove suspended solids, heavy metals, chemicals, microbes and other contaminates from that water, and reuse that purified water.

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