Decontamination Systems

Riveer Decontamination Systems for Biological,
Chemical and Radiological Decon

Rapidly Deployable. Easily Operated. Ideal for Wide Spread Contamination,
such as COVID-19

Riveer manufactures a wide range of military-grade decon systems, many of which are valuable tools for municipalities, fire departments and HAZMAT teams in the quick response fight against the spread of pathogens such as COVID-19.


With 500 gallons of heated decon solution supporting 2 operators at 10 GPM, TAWS is the big gun in mobile decontamination. While most decon systems are able to spray a small area slowly, TAWS can saturate targets more than 20’ from the operator with 10 GPM of 140-degree mixture. The 10 GPM foam application gun with 75’ of hose and a 20’ reach propels the decon solution over a huge area very quickly, making the most of your manpower. Powered by a rugged Kubota Diesel engine, the TAWS can quickly and thoroughly deliver pathogen-killing solution to a 300’ working radius. Excellent for large area decontamination where water source is limited and hot or cold operations are required. Originally developed for the US Army, this machine has a proven track record in desert, tropical, and austere environments. Designed to be operated with full PPE, the TAWS is the right answer to quickly decontaminate vehicles, equipment, building exteriors, and outdoor areas.


All the TAWS features in a smaller footprint, 2 operators at 20 GPM, and the ability to tow in tight confines. The ACDS has on board heated water to support decontamination operations from 2 or 3 operators up to 300’ from the cart. Designed to be run in below freezing conditions, the high desert, or in 120-degree humid air, the ACDS is the toughest portable in the industry.

The onboard air compressor and foam system puts out 50+ gallons of foam per minute, exceeding portable or truck mounted foam systems. The  variable flush system allows for delivery of solution or rinse water at 2.5gpm, 5gpm, or 10gpm.  Propulsion onboard the ACDS features a 25 Hp Kubota Tier IV F compliant diesel engine driving a central hydraulic pump. The onboard compressor can provide up to 18 cfm at 90psi for bleed band closure and other requirements. An onboard generator includes a convenience outlet with a standard 120v outlet for additional power needs. The compact design can be forklifted onto a trailer, train-car, shipping container, or loading dock.

LADS (Large Area Decontamination System)

With 500 gallons of water and 50 gallons auto dosing disinfecting concentrate supporting 2 operators at 21 Gallons Per Minute (GPM), LADS is the biggest gun in mobile site decontamination. Unlike a trailer-mounted pressure washer, this unit has 5x the flow and 1/10 the pressure. Flow equals coverage, efficiency, speed, and effectiveness. High pressure is great for removing graffiti, not for spreading hypochlorite solution over a large area quickly. By keeping pressure low the LADS does not uselessly atomize your chemistry and send it wafting on the breeze, instead this machine spreads a penetrating flow of decontamination solution on the surfaces where you need it.

While most decon systems are able to spray a small area slowly, LADS can saturate targets more than 25’ from the operator with 21 GPM of virus killing mixture. The 21GPM long reach application gun supplied by 75’ of hose and a 25’ vertical reach propels the decon solution over a huge area very quickly, making the most of your manpower. Decontaminate a bus stop in minutes, clean hospital sidewalks at 5x the speed of a pressure washer. Decontaminate rows of park benches as quickly as the operator can walk past.

Decontamination System


Transportable, this Vehicle Washing System is engineered to clean tanks, trucks, busses, shipping containers, vans, anything up to 160,000# with hot water and any single component decontamination material. The VWS is the reference standard for cleaning to NATO & USDA cleanliness standards for international transportation of military equipment. Easily the largest deployable solution to decontamination needs, the VWS is 100% self-sufficient, on board 4200-gallon water supply, on-board Caterpillar generator, on-board heating capacity for 2 operators at 180 degrees, water cannon and undercarriage cleaning/inspection. Built for worldwide deployment and set up by 4 operators in a few hours, the VWS has what it takes to process large fleets vehicles in minimal time.

truck washing


Nomad Off-Grid Wash and Decontamination System is a modular, self-contained solution to decontaminating ground support vehicles in remote locations. Using a solar array to charge deep cycle batteries, NOMAD will maintain itself in a ready state using Solar / Battery technology to keep the wash water fresh and the system ready. When it comes time to go to work, the heavy lifting is done with the auto start diesel / JP fueled generator (tier IV final compliant) that can power all of the requirements of the system – water delivery via pressure washer and water cannon, water recovery, and water filtration. Consisting of ISO container, heavy-duty wash rack and both drive through halo or manual wand spray, the system will self-protect itself in freezing conditions, has a robust HVAC system for temperature and humidity control, and all the hardware required for turnkey heavy-duty DECON station.