Self-Powered Spill Response Trailer System


Designed for Civil, Airfield and Other Emergency Crews

Riveer’s Spill Response Trailer is a self-contained all-weather unit for collecting liquid from up to 75′ from the trailer and 15′ below trailer deck. A diesel generator supplies lighting and power, and the pumping system can recover 1000 gallons of oil, water, coolant, and/or chemistry in 25 minutes. Tanks are set to drain easily with multi-chamber valves and clear hose for easy monitoring of draining effluent. The oil water separator removes floating oils for simple disposal and the single point drainage system allows for disposal of collected water through a 2″ drain line. Additional hose and spill response equipment is available.

Oil Water Separator Tank

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 475 gallon inlet settling tank
  • Over 2 hours minimum dwell time promoting full settling of suspended solids
  • Laminar flow with velocity reducing inlet piping
  • Compound inlet settling tank promotes sheer induced settling
  • 4 section tank with undercurrent design using stainless steel weir structures
  • Inclined plate separator
  • 15 degree walls direct solids to automatic removal system
  • Submerged LED lighting with view window to monitor level
  • 85 gallon coalescing tank
  • 4 cu. ft. of coalescing media with over 400 sq. ft. of surface area
  • Highly efficient polypropylene media with 100% pass through design
  • Low velocity flow with vertical and horizontal flow path
  • High efficiency oil skimmer with external reservoir and 1″ stainless steel discharge pipe
  • External stainless steel oil reservoir with handle and drain spout
  • Submerged LED lighting with view window to monitor level

Extraction Pump

  • 15′ of suction with 1.5″ line
  • Run dry indefinitely without damage
  • 20 GPM recovery rate
  • Simple to field service in case of clogging
  • Robust design used in marine, industrial, waste handling and spill response
  • TEFC motor with gear reducing drive
  • Efficiently pump up to 50% solids, designed for spill response, industrial waste, high solids waste water and harsh environments
  • Supplied with 75′ of 1.5″ suction line and foot valve with strainer

Power Supply

  • CARB Tier IV Particulate level (low emission diesel)
  • Less than 66 dB at 20′
  • Fully sound attenuated enclosure for low operational footprint
  • Diesel/Kerosene/Jet Fuel operational
  • Kubota two cylinder diesel generator with electric start 7kW 240V/120V Tier 4 certified Generator
  • Integrated start/stop system with built in power distribution for pumps and lights
  • Insulated enclosure with radiator ducted through side wall of trailer
  • Exhaust below trailer
  • Integrated fuel tank for 16 hour run time
  • 550# dry with enclosure, fuel tank, mounting hardware and shroud

Pressure Washer

  • 2 GPM at 1300 PSI
  • Hot water to 210ºF
  • Diesel heated schedule 80 steel coil with stainless steel surround
  • Vented stack allows closed-door operations
  • 50′ HP hose with insulated dual wand
  • Soap/chemical injector for spill clean up
  • Fully protected from freezing and simple to drain

Available options

  • 120V plug in for heated trailer and battery maintenance
  • Exterior Flood Lights
  • Spill Response kit in protective over-pack
  • Filtration levels to remove contaminants to desired level
  • Additional tank capacity
  • Auto drain system to pump water to remote tank
  • External pump wiring to allow drawing from 30′ below trailer

Spill Response Trailer specifications include:

  • 16′ x 8′ x 8′ HD enclosed trailer with HD axles and frame
  • Yanmar water-cooled generator
  • Hot water pressure washer
  • Recovery vacuum system with 75′ of hose and custom pick-up tools for hard and wet surfaces
  • 850 gallon stainless steel oil/water separator
  • 350 gallon fresh water tank
  • Heated, vented and lit enclosed trailer meets DOT requirements
  • Protective clothing and absorbent materials
  • Spill Response kit that includes absorbents, safety glasses, face shield, HD Rubber gloves, waterproof chemical resistant overalls, and 10′ spill dike.
  • Storage tank suited to hold oil, water, fuel, jet fuel, diesel, chemicals, wetting agents, soaps, detergent, formic acid, glycolic acid, oxalic acid, stearic acid, formaldehyde, glycols, latex, mineral oils, most alcohols, inks, ammonia solutions, acetic acid, chromic acid to 50 percent, and sulphuric acid to 95 percent.
  • Maximum temperature to 150 degrees