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First let me say the spray system you designed for us is a success. With just a few cycles it cleaned our distributor better than it's been cleaned since we bought it."
– Dirk M., Edgar County, IL Highway Department



Cut Your Cleaning Solvent Costs up to 80%

APECS automatically cleans asphalt and bituminous road oil from paving equipment, oil distributors, compactors and tools. Used by DOT’s and paving contractors, APECS’ unique spray pattern power washes with cleaning solutions or solvents, then recirculates the solution for reuse. APECS zero discharge technology includes a diaphragm pump to recover discharged solvent before it reaches the ground.

APECS keeps road crews out of the cleaning business, away from fumes and on to more productive tasks, while giving you more cleaning power-per-gallon of your cleaning solution. And, because APECS is automatic, crews are more likely to keep equipment clean, increasing your return on investment.

Simple to operate, APECS reclaims terpenes, soys, or solvents. Stop spending thousands of dollars of chemistry down the drain. APECS can save you time and money while keeping your yard clean and compliant.


APECSTM Features

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  • Heavy duty steel, above-grade wash rack with centerline drain
  • Walls and rack dimensions built to your specifications
  • Low profile ramps for easy loading/unloading any equipment
  • Plug and play; no site excavating, infrastructure or permitting required
  • Tri-wall, double bank spray bars for complete coverage
  • Built-in diaphragm pump
  • GripStart™ trigger action start/stop operation
  • Additional spray wands included for cleaning hard to reach places, augers, tools, etc.


Settling Tank:
450 – 1,000 gallons

28' x 18' standard; other sizes available

208, 240, 480 single or three phase

Process Rate: 20 – 100 GPM

Load: Any OTR vehicle; additional on request.

PSI: 100 – 2,000

GPM: 4 – 80

Material: 304 stainless steel tank, 1/4" steel deck plate with chemical resistant coating, and viton synthetic rubber