US Green Beret Special Forces soldiers prepare to enter the water while a CH-47 Chinook helicopter conducts hoisting operations February 6, 2013 at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Green Berets practiced inserting into the water after deploying an inflatable zodiac. Helocasts are used to insert small units into a military area of operation by helicopter to carry out missions.

The importance of aircraft washing and rinsing has taken center stage in both military and commercial aviation as corrosion is now seen as a significant catalyst in airframe and component rework and failure.

According to the Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Office (AFCPCO), the USAF alone spends upwards of $2 billion annually on corrosion maintenance. Rinsing aircraft with clear water after a mission is one of the most effective methods for removing contaminates, salt, or sand that contribute to corrosion. Riveer has developed several low pressure, high volume systems for washing and clear water rinsing fixed wing and rotary aircraft of all configurations, giving flight line personnel, crew chiefs and maintenance departments the tools they need to combat this costly and highly damaging foe. Find out more about the Riveer ARC, AWS, TAWS® and BirdBath CWRS.

Aircraft Fresh Water Rinsing

The purpose of fresh water rinsing is primarily to remove salt from aircraft surfaces that have become contaminated due to operations near salt water. Most salt deposits are readily dissolved and/or dislodged and flushed away by rinsing. Rinsing can be done in a taxi-through facility or by direct manual spraying.

Treatment and Disposal of Wash Rack Waste

  • Precautionary measures shall be taken to prevent wash rack waste from contaminating lakes, streams or other natural environments. Some of the chemicals used for cleaning require treatment or other special control prior to disposal.
  • The disposal of materials shall be accomplished in accordance with applicable directives and in a manner that will not result in the violation of local, state, or federal pollution criteria.
  • To minimize the problems associated with disposal and the actual cleaning process, all work shall be accomplished on an approved wash rack.