RTS Wash Water Filtration Systems

Wash Water Filtration Systems for Light to Heavy Solids

The Riveer RTS Series of closed loop water treatment systems is specifically designed to meet any mud and oil filtration challenge. Each RTS recycles wash water from above ground wash racks, concrete pad sumps, skid steer troughs, or trench drains. The zero discharge process uses proven filtration processes that are included in all models, built in oil-water separation, ozone injection, oil coalescing, oil skimming, absolute filtration and more. You can use your own pressure washer with the RTS Series or use Riveer’s fully integrated pressure washer. Not only can the RTS Series be used for equipment washing and corrosion control, but it can control baths in degreasing equipment or acid washing parts.

Riveer offers four sizes of treatment systems to handle different volumes of mud and dirt; RTS 500, RTS 3000, and RTS 5000.

RTS 500

The RTS 500, like all Riveer Treatment Systems, is a turnkey product capable of oil/water separation, filtration and treatment, delivering 95% process water back for reuse, while eliminating discharge of potentially environment harming effluent. The RTS 500 is very compact and designed for relatively light loads.

RTS 500 Wash Water Filtration System

RTS 3000

The RTS 3000 was designed to handle moderate to heavy mud loads. This all stainless steel filtration system features inclined plate separators to settle mud in a large initial settling chamber. The chamber is sloped to a valve that automatically purges settled solids every night. Oil coalescing and removal in conjunction with ozone or bacteria injection completes the initial stage.

line drawing of RTS 3000 Filtration

RTS 5000

The RTS 5000 is designed for tough to handle, heavy mud applications. After years of problem solving for various heavy-duty applications, the engineering team at Riveer has come up with the best filtration system yet for heavy dirt operations. A stainless steel filtration chamber incorporates inclined plate separators that drop solids but instead of going to a valve for purging, the RTS 5000 has a built-in conveyor to drag the mud to an external hopper for easy disposal with a forklift. No other company has anything like this.

line drawing of RTS 5000 Filtration