The Last Wash Rack You’ll Ever Need

Modular Steel Wash Racks for Equipment & Fleet Washing

Steel wash racks offer more control over your equipment and fleet washing operations and can be customized to suit your needs.

Riveer’s above-ground containment rack systems are easy to operate and maintain and can be purchased with built-in wash water recycling and either manual spray wands or automated spraying features. With no permitting required, this bolt-together system can be installed in a matter of hours and sized to your exact requirements with the option to expand later.

Exclusive Riveer Rack Features:

  • Modular design for easy customization and installation
  • Low angle approach ramps allow access for low clearance equipment
  • Dry-Deck drains quickly for improved work surface
  • Heavy duty and low profile (only 6″ high)
  • Built-in 3″ slope, not shimmed
  • Diamond tread, grit-impregnated surface for excellent traction, no undulations or other trip hazards
  • 15,000 lb. per tire load capacity, up to 90 tons
  • Above ground semi-permanent installation
  • 6′ galvanized overspray walls
  • Optional automatic conveyor with wedge wire screen filter for mud removal
  • Internally sloped or flat
  • Solid deck, dry-deck, or grated deck (to avoid track off when washing wheeled vehicles)
  • All racks are sandblasted, phosphate washed, and then powder coated or multi-application wet coated or galvanized
  • Automated undercarriage wash available
  • Other custom features available like side spray bars, enclosed wash booths, built-in wash water recovery and filtration systems, inspection/wash ramps, awnings, mezzanines, and lighting
  • Racks are covered by patents #6,164,298 and 6,021,792, other patents pending

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    The above-ground wash racks are ideal for leased work-sites, such as oil or gas exploration, and when you need a simple solution for meeting environmental washing guidelines.

    If you intend to move your wash rack from site to site, or if you don’t want to spend the time and money to work through the permitting process for an in-ground wash pad, steel wash racks are ideal.

    Riveer Above Ground Steel Wash Racks are designed to carry loads up to 12,000 lbs. per wheel. Because Riveer uses vacuum technology to recover the wash water, these racks are by far the lowest profile racks available. (We have seen racks measuring 21″ high.) Our low-profile racks make it easy to even get low clearance man-lifts and forklifts onto the racks for washing. In addition to being easier to get onto, our racks are safer for your equipment and employees. The solid diamond-tread plate decks are coated with grit-impregnated epoxy paint to give you a sure grip even when wet and soapy.

    An automatic conveyor with a wedge wire screen filter and suction pump (which deposits mud and debris into a hopper for easy disposal) is available as an option for these systems, a feature exclusive to Riveer racks (patent pending).

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