Manual Washing Systems

Manual Washing Systems

Any of our Systems can be Automated or Manual

Drive through washing
Off-Grid Drive Through Washing

Our wash systems can be designed with built-in utilities for installation in remote locations with little or no infrastructure.

Tractical rinse system
Tactical Rinse System (TRS)

Our above-ground version of the Birdbath allows you to bypass Milcon to speed up the installation process.

Bird bath clear water rinse system
BirdBath Clear Water Rinse System (CWRS)

A built-in taxi-through rinse system perfect for any airfield near an ocean to prevent corrosion from salty air.

Heavy duty wash system
Heavy-Duty Wash System

The ultimate package: the former Mudmaster 5000, can handle any size vehicle and any level of dirt and grime.

Intermediate wash system
Intermediate Wash System

Formerly the Mudmaster 3000, our intermediate wash rack system is perfect for large, dirty and greasy vehicles.

Automatic paving equipment cleaning system
Automatic Paving Equipment Cleaning System (APECS)

Automatically clean asphalt and bituminous road oil by pushing a button.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.

The Solution is Clear with Riveer.