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A true washing solution requires more than just a hose or a power washer to rinse off your equipment and vehicles. Our mission is to provide our customers with easy to operate, environmentally compliant complete washing solutions. This is accomplished by combining washing, containment and treatment capabilities into a complete and customizable system.

Riveer washing technology combines efficiency and effectiveness. Easy-to-use water cannons and automated wash racks clean chemicals, mud and grime off of your equipment quickly and with unparalleled thoroughness. After your equipment has been thoroughly cleaned, Riveer containment and treatment systems will collect wash water, run it through a treatment process to remove contaminants, and reuse it for further washing.

Riveer washing racks, whether steel or concrete, above ground or in-ground, are designed to contain any wash water generated. This water can then be directed to filtration systems, or municipal sewer systems where it can be discharged. This is accomplished through vacuum technology that captures wash water and prevents it from contaminating nearby drain fields or stormwater systems.

The wash water collected by Riveer containment systems is treated before reuse for equipment washing. Riveer’s closed-loop filtration systems will collect that dirty wash water and remove suspended solids, heavy metals, chemicals, microbes and any other contaminates. This is accomplished by utilizing micron filtration, ultra filtration, Reverse Osmosis (RO), coalescing, skimming, microbial filtration and Ozonation technologies as needed.

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