Industrial Degreasing and Pretreatment Systems

Make Sure Your Surfaces as Clean Before You Paint, Powder Coat, E-Coat or Finish

The Riveer line of washing and pretreatment systems are custom designed to not only clean your manufactured parts prior to finishing, but also capture, treat, and recover wash water and water-based solutions. From manual pressure washer wand processes to fully automated wash systems, Riveer’s experienced engineers help you save time, resources and chemicals while also improving production rates, process repeatability, part cleanliness, and operating within a zero-discharge environment.

  • Custom Single or Multi Stage Systems
  • Manual Wash Wand or Fully Automatic Spray
  • Compatible with Varying Chemistries Use Your Preferred Solution: phosphate, zirconium, nano, you name it.
  • Capture 100% of Your Solution for Reuse
  • Compliant Wash Water Discharge
  • Turnkey Design, Install, and Service
  • Made in the US


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Here’s What Our Customers Say About Riveer Systems And Support

We are very happy with the Riveer equipment that we purchased for our wash line,” says Aaron Winkler, Super Products, Industrial Engineer. “We had never powder coated or washed in-house until we put in the new system. The Riveer wash system was part of a $3 million powder coat line, and like any project of this scale, something always manages not to be perfect, but Riveer was there to help us iron things out.

– Robert S.

We’re big on aesthetics, said Charlie Anthony, Bluco Applications Engineer. “We make many of our parts ourselves; others come from Germany. Either way, they typically have some degree of oil or lubricant on the surface that need to be removed. We want those parts perfectly clean before heat treating. After cleaning in a spray booth, the runoff is cycled through the Riveer RTS 500 for filtration, de-oiling, and recycled for additional use. We’ve been very happy with the system and with Riveer service and engineering.

– Michael A.

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