VWS Deployable MudMaster


Break It Down, Pack It Up, Ship It Off
  • Cleaning and sterilizing all of the vehicles returning from Iraq and Afghanistan is a monumental task
  • Giving the soldiers the right tools for the job is an advantage they need with today’s lean military
  • Recent history shows this process is a bottleneck in the logistics chain
  • Water and people are a scarce resource in SWA
  • Fast effective cleaning is essential

We’d Recommend the Riveer system based on our experience.

Kevin P. Wagner Caterpillar

The Deployable Retrograde Wash-Down and Inspection Rack (VWS)

What is the first line of defense against invasive species, foreign bio-material, hazardous particulates and unknown bacteria? The Riveer VWS. This military grade deployable system requires only minimal site improvement for set-up and operation and can be shipped anywhere in the world and set up in a few hours. Seven standard 20′ containers hold the entire system. The system is completely self-contained, and does not require a permanent or potable water source. The system is also completely closed loop and meets DoD Directive 6050.16 for foreign deployed wash racks. Setup can be done in any port or base that is accessible by air, truck, rail, or ship.

Developed specifically for military redeployments, the VWS gives military units the ability to wash to USDA standards and the heavy-duty ramps give complete access to the undercarriage for wash and inspection. The ramp is PE stamped to a 160,000 lb. capacity. Dual conveyors keep wash area free of mud build-up. An on-board CAT diesel generator and 4,000 gallons of water provide 18 hours of continuous washing without refilling fuel or water.

Deployable MudMasterTM Removes Mud From Top, Side and Undercarriage

  • 160,000 lb. capacity wash/inspection ramp
  • 2 Automatic mud conveyors
  • 2 hot water pressure washers, 4.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI
  • 1 high flow water cannon
  • 2 high-volume, 20 HP vacuum stations
  • Closed loop-saves water, meets international EPA guidelines
  • Automatic recycling system with additional mud conveyor
  • Complies with DoD 4500.9 Part V customs and border


  • 3,000 PSI diesel-fired, hot water pressure washers
  • Hoses on reels mounted on wash rack
  • High flow water cannons
  • High velocity vacuum system
  • Diaphragm suction pumps, allows low 6″ rack height
Drag Conveyor:
  • Patent pending drag conveyor has outlet with wedge wire screen for solids removal
  • Drag has HD 1″ chain with composite construction flights and rubber scraper
  • Drag discharges into hopper stationed beside wash rack
  • Fully automated stainless steel filtration system designed for minimum operator input and continuous duty operation
  • Housed in all-weather ISO container
  • Included CAT diesel generator provides power for system
  • All-weather ISO container houses filtration equipment, vacuum system and generator

Rapid Deployment Features:

  • Complete in 7 CARC coated 20′ all weather containers
  • 1 container holds water (4000-gallons)
  • 5,000 lb. forklift and provided hand tools are all that is needed to assemble the system
  • 5 operators and a supervisor can set this wash and inspection rack up and will have all systems operating in 2 hours (Proven via First Article Test)
  • Pin and socket alignment on racks and swing bolt connections make assembly fast and simple
  • Each rack and ramp has a specific storage/shipping container that ensures quick and proper set-up and protects components during shipment
  • All electrical connections are plugs and sockets
  • All water connections are quick connects
  • Two automatic drag conveyors cross the wash pad to carry mud to hoppers for easy forklift disposal
  • Conveyors fold for shipping and unfold for operation with dual direction
  • Ramps are assembled from 7′ sections for ease of storage and shipment
  • Each ramp connects to the next with a wedge and pocket system that self-aligns
  • PE stamped 160,000 lb. capacity either on the rack or standing alone
  • 6′ high overspray walls help keep water and mud on the racks
  • Grit-impregnated, two-part epoxy paint makes for safe and secure walking surface, no undulations
  • Inspection ramp incline is 21′ long, horizontal section is 28′ long
  • Designed to safely hold all NATO vehicles and tanks
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