Wash Rack, Wash Water Filtration and Water Recycling in Remote Locations

Featuring the RTS Closed-Loop Filtration System

Riveer has been building wash rack systems for military use for more than a decade. The largest hurdle to getting a system up and running is often the connection to utilities and the connection to sewer. NOMADTM is designed specifically to overcome these problems.

Designed for remote locations, the NOMADTM is an off-grid, self-contained, heavy-duty wash rack that is powered by solar, wind and a standby diesel generator. The system also effectively stores previously collected energy for times when environmental conditions are not ideal. 1000 lbs. of deep discharge storage batteries provide energy during low light/wind periods to keep the system constantly circulating and injecting ozone to assure clean water for washing even after months of inattention.

A small system footprint and no restriction on the installation layout makes NOMADTM the simplest self-contained wash rack system to install. NOMAD’sTM closed loop rinse functionality brings you MudMasterTM rugged construction, with RTS 24/7 performance in a sustainable wash rack for corrosion control rinses, PM cleaning, and general washing.

All day long, there’ll be one semi in the wash bay and 20 of them lined up. They just go one right after another. They love this darn thing

Greg C., Maintenance Manager Chesapeake Energy Systems

Benefits of the NOMADTM system

Water Reclamation: Grey water treatment and re-use reduces costs and make NOMADTM a reliable equipment washing facility even in remote operations where water quality is poor and supply is limited and costly.

Power Conservation: Harnessing the natural power of sun and wind keeps the system operating indefinitely on standby/idle mode without calling for generator grid power. Generator only runs when called on for high power pumps and shuts down as soon as system returns to standby mode.

Off Grid Location: NOMADTM brings sustainable washing in remote mining, drilling, exploration and construction beyond utility service areas.

Green Initiative: Being efficient with resources has become mandatory in virtually all environments: Saving water, electricity, and fuel in one system is a triumph of design efficiency.

NOMADTM Remote Wash Rack Facility

  • 20′ x 42′ steel wash pad with overspray containment
  • Solids handling conveyor
  • Hot water pressure washer with hose on reel
  • Low-pressure, high-flow water cannon pump for fast dust and contaminant removal
  • RTS with scavenging pump for 100% recovery
  • Water filtration, oil separator in stainless steel tank with down-stream nominal and absolute filtration
  • Water storage to hold rinse water ready for reuse

Solar Power Generation System

  • 2.4 kW Solar Array with smart controller and adjustable angle mounting system for latitude adjustment
  • Solar array can produce enough power in 7 hours of sunlight per week to maintain system readiness indefinitely
  • Solar array is designed to maintain power to system when operating with 6 hours of sunlight per day
  • Operator need not make any operational concessions for solar panels
  • Expected life is 25 years at 80% output

Optional Wind Generation System

  • 4.8 kW wind generator system will supply enough power in 16 MPH winds to maintain system and power all components simultaneously
  • Vertically oriented wind generator array captures wind from any direction
  • Low overall height makes system low profile and will not affect air traffic
  • Self-regulating 60 Hz. Power output at 220V is completely automatic and fully regulated

Electrical Storage System

  • Simple lead-acid technology will store enough energy to carry system through windless, cloudy periods
  • Sufficient reserve capacity in system will allow wash operations at night in still air
  • No user intervention in charging or storage system is required
  • Very high amp charging rate across multiple cells allows power block to accept virtually all the power from wind and sun if needed
  • Tried and true solution to power storage comes from decades of use in traction motor applications

Heat Energy Storage System

  • Hot water washing without burning fossil fuels is efficient and requires only sunlight during the day for 24 hour heat availability
  • Heat exchanger design has massive heat sink capacity with reserves of energy for long operational duration
  • Heat exchanger uses the power of sunlight to create 160 degree wash water
  • Sunlight power is harnessed by vacuum tubes on roof of container, wasted space is converted to energy-absorbing heat sink
  • Tubes are effective in subzero conditions; if there is sunlight, they will work
  • In one day, the system can go from being packed in the truck to being operational
  • Ships from manufacturer in containers and flatbed bed truck (CONUS)


  • Can be installed on any reasonably hard surface including compacted gravel, asphalt, concrete, or leveled compacted dirt
  • Needs only 1200 gallons of water for startup
  • Can be installed in any sunny and open area (no shadows or wind shadows)

Optional Features Include:

  • Any size wash rack, 125′L x 50′W is currently the largest size in use
  • Higher capacity solar and wind generators are available
  • Standby diesel generator with automatic start can be incorporated
  • Grid Tie Backup can be incorporated for seasonal use in very cloud, windless areas
  • Larger wind turbine can be supplied if wind only power is required
  • Expansive solar array can be supplied for very sun-rich areas
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