Boat Wash Racks for Invasive Species

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Boat Wash Racks for Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS)

Boat wash racks are critical in the fight of Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS), aquatic organisms, both wildlife and plants, that invade lakes and streams, disrupting or destroying the natural ecosystem. ANS threaten fishing, boating, swimming, and other water-based activities. The single biggest — and preventable — cause of spreading ANS is fishing gear, recreational boats, personal watercraft, and trailers that are not thoroughly cleaned as they exit the water and are then transported to another water body where the AIS can spread. Once established, ANS are expensive to combat and difficult or impossible to control or eradicate.

Install a Boat Wash Rack At The Ramp

Recognizing the tremendous financial impact of ANS, many municipal and commercial boat ramps have installed wash racks for vessel decontamination immediately following boat removal from the water. Pulling the trailered boat onto the wash rack, the crew can thoroughly and easily wash and drain the vessel before leaving the access area.

Boat wash racks should feature a hot water (140-160 degrees) pressure washing at 175 psi is necessary to adequately remove and kill bacteria from the trailer, hull, engine and gear. The wash water is then captured and channeled into the sanitary sewer or better yet, is pumped through the wash racks integrated filtration system where it is filtered, treated and reused for minimal freshwater consumption. This also prevents contaminated run-off water from entering other pathways leading back to the water body.

Wash racks are also for worksites required to wash a high volume of heavy-duty equipment, rental equipment or rinsing storage and fertilizer tanks. Solids and effluent are typically washed into a sump, where it is pumped into a filtration unit for solids separation or less favorably discharged into the sewer.

Boat Wash Rack Systems

Riveer designs and manufactures a complete family of above ground wash racks and filtration that can be engineered to your specific requirements, from size and water flow, to filtration and treatment based on your location and ANS profile.

Boat Wash Rack Features

  • Heavy Duty and Low Profile (6″ high)
  • 15,000 lb. per wheel load capacity
  • Pressure washing options; PSI and temperature
  • Wastewater capture and containment
  • 6′ galvanized overspray walls
  • Diamond tread, grit-impregnated surface for excellent traction
  • Built in 3″ slope, not shimmed
  • Low angle approach ramps

To learn more about how Riveer can provide you with boat wash rack expertise and help on this very important issue, be sure to contact one of our representatives today!

Boat Wash Racks for Invasive Species
Boat Wash Racks for Invasive Species