Wash Water Filtration Systems Built to Last

Industrial -

Over 12 years ago, a tier one supplier for the automotive industry called Federal-Mogul asked Riveer to build them a wash rack that would recover wash water, filter out all of the oils and solids, and then send the clean water back into the pressure washer. The roughly 100,000 square foot facility has a large quantity of equipment, machine tools and industrial vehicles which need to be degreased, cleaned and maintained regularly in order to keep them running well, but they had no dedicated space to do so. We had just the solution they needed and were happy to discover a few weeks ago that they are still getting daily use out of our 12-year-old machine.

Back in those days, we called this wash water filtration system the “Cyclonator,” but it has evolved into what we now call the “RTS 1000.” After developing several different iterations of the old Cyclonator, all with varying water filtration capabilities, we decided to change the name to a numbered RTS (or Riveer Treatment System) Series. Regardless of the new name, our systems still work much the same way they did 12 years ago (with a few improvements) and are still built to last in harsh environments with the highest quality standards in both materials and assembly.

As you can see from the not-so-pretty photos I took while visiting Federal-Mogul’s facility, the Cyclonator has held up against extensive grease and grime build-up over the years. This is largely thanks to the wise decision our engineers made to build the Cyclonator out of stainless steel, an important feature that is carried over to the Riveer Treatment System series. Like any machine, the Cyclonator only works as well as the amount of care taken to maintain it and this one admittedly could have used a bit of love. Nevertheless, it survived all these years and still works like a charm!