Fully Enclosed Pretreatment Wash Systems

Riveer's fully enclosed pretreatment wash systems reduce operating costs by recycling solution while also capturing, filtering and recycling potential harmful wash water affluent.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Closed-Loop Washing System

Watch what happens to wash water as it cycles through the MudMaster™. This animation provides an inside look at the features, capabilities and specifications of this deployable washing system. Riveer carefully selects each level of filtration with a specific function in mind. This video explains and demonstrates those filtration capabilities.

Which RTS Best Meets Your Wash Water Filtration Needs

Riveer Treatment Systems (RTS) are 24/7 workhorses designed to help our customers treat wash water effectively, achieve environmental compliance and prevent pollution. This video takes a detailed look at the features of these closed-loop treatment and recycling systems and explains the differences between each type of RTS. Different applications require different treatment systems, and Riveer has a system for your specific needs.

See the Phosphater™ in Action

The Phosphater can save you time and money while the closed loop system ensures environmental compliance. Each Phosphater wash rack is watertight and seals securely to adjoining racks to prevent gaps in containment.

Riveer MudMaster™ Featuring the RTS 4000 Water Treatment System

Watch to see how a MudMaster™ and RTS 4000 water treatment system are assembled piece by piece in this stop-motion video. The MudMaster handles moderate to heavy mud loads, and consequently is used for equipment washing on job sites and maintenance areas. The MudMaster employs the RTS water treatment system to add the extra automation that higher dirt loads demand.

Riveer Birdbath™ Automatic Clear Water Rinse System

Maintaining aircraft requires a constant battle against corrosion to keep planes and helicopters structurally sound and safe. The BirdBath™ Clear Water Rinse System is specially designed to deal with this challenge. Find out how this high-flow, low-pressure system can automatically, efficiently and effectively mitigate corrosion in both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

APECS™ Automatic Paving Equipment Cleaning System

APECS™ is an asphalt cleaning wash rack that automatically cleans asphalt and bituminous road oil from paving equipment, oil distributors, compactors and tools. APECS power washes and recycles solvents, terpenes, and soys. The systems sprays an asphalt release agent from double bank spray bars.

Aircraft Corrosion Mitigation

Riveer has designed anti-corrosion systems like the Riveer Aircraft Rinse Cart (ARC) that provide clear water rinse technology, fighting corrosive particles in military and commercial fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

Riveer Vehicle Wash System Deployable MudMaster™

Riveer's deployable Vehicle Wash Rack System MudMaster™ is USDA compliant and features fully deployable ISO containers that hold all system components. The system is equipped with water cannons, pressure washers, oil skimmer, and fully-automated stainless-steel filtration.

Riveer Washmaster™ 500 In-plant Degreasing and Washing

Gone are the days when used solvent from degreasing and cleaning was simply washed down the drain. Today, there are hundreds of codes prohibiting Storm Water Pollution, and they all carry penalties. WashMaster 500 is an easy, efficient wash and water recycling system that can be located virtually anywhere in your facility without permitting or extensive plumbing.

MudMaster Wash Rack Assembly

See how a MudMaster assembled piece by piece in this stop-motion video. The steel wash rack shown in this video was engineered, built and installed for an oil and gas company for washing trucks with perforator and logging tool lubricators, flow lines, piping, and manifold oils. Riveer wash racks are customizable and can be built to meet a wide range of specifications.

Permanent Containment Pads

Worksites required to wash a high volume of heavy-duty equipment or rinsing storage and fertilizer tanks may elect to install concrete containment pads. Solids and effluent are typically washed into a sump, where it is pumped into a filtration unit for solids separation or less favorably discharged into the sewer.