US Embassy in Iraq Employs Riveer MudMaster

Heavy Equipment -

Riveer Environmental is putting the finishing touches on its most recent MudMaster 3000, a turnkey solution which includes a closed loop water treatment system called Riveer Treatment System (RTS) 3000 and a robust steel Riveer Wash Rack. The system is designed to maintain itself for indefinite periods of time without intervention, injecting electronically generated ozone into the water to keep it fresh. The RTS 3000, a popular Riveer innovation, is a tried and true water treatment solution specifically designed to meet any mud and oil filtration challenge.

This system was commissioned by Epik International, a company committed to a “rigid adherence and compliance with international specifications [and] quality standards.” Epik has distinguished Riveer from its competition because of Riveer’s ISO-9001 Certified products and commitment to manufacturing high quality Engineered Wash Water Recovery Systems.

The new Riveer MudMaster will be installed at the United States Embassy to Iraq in Baghdad. Since the embassy's fleet of vehicles will be a primary user of the wash, automatic soap injection and separate fresh water rinse features will allow the staff to keep their vehicles looking sharp. A pressure washer on either side of the rack, each on a swinging boom, provide for easy movement and overlapping coverage so that more than one user can simultaneously use this RTS 3000.

Because the vehicles live in such a dusty environment, the wash rack has a built-in mud conveyor to automatically drag mud and debris out of the rack and into a hopper for easy disposal. The wash and recycling equipment is stored in a climate controlled custom ISO enclosure with HVAC, insulated aluminum walls, automatic lights, and secondary containment to combat the arid Iraq environment. This system has also been formatted to the 50 Hertz power source local to Iraq.

Riveer’s newest RTS 3000 makes the company proud. It will ship out of the United States next week.