Riveer Racks Keep Invasive Species Out of Our Lakes & Rivers

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Riveer is privileged to be located in CNN's #1 U.S. Destination, Lake Michigan's Gold Coast. We West-Michiganders fully appreciate how incredibly blessed we are to live near this beautiful body of water and most of us would go to great lengths to protect it from harm. For this reason, Riveer takes issues surrounding aquatic invasive species to heart.

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are defined as "a non-native species [plant or animal] introduced to an aquatic ecosystem that causes environmental and/or economic harm." According to the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council,

"Losses in the U.S. [caused by AIS] are estimated at $78.5 billion annually and studies have estimated lost property values on infested water bodies of up to $12,000 per property2. Ecologically, aquatic invasive species' impacts include food-web disruptions, native species reduction or loss (and dependent species), water quality degradation, and the introduction of pathogens. Furthermore, ecosystem disruptions and imbalances can result in increased danger to human health."

Once these "aquatic hitchhikers" get into a new ecosystem by clinging to the bottom of a boat or any other item used in the water, they are very difficult (often impossible) to eradicate; therefore, it is important that preventative measures are taken to restrict entry.

Riveer wash water containment systems offer an easy-to-use and environmentally sound solution consisting of a pressure washer, a containment rack, and a water treatment system. This turnkey system allows the user to clean invasive species from the bottom of a boat while ensuring that the run-off does not wind up in the water but instead gets recycled and reused for future washes.