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I really like the Riveer system. It’s easy to use, has high pressure; you can turn it on hot water, cold water. It’s the best system I’ve ever used.”
– Rod L., Maintenance Technician, Chesapeake Energy Systems

RipTideTM Pressure Washer

Wash, Clean, Rinse with Diesel Pressure Power


Need a better pressure washer to clean your oily frac tanks? Hard-to-clean drilling rigs delaying your teardown? Standby, here comes the Riveer™ RipTide™ Pressure Washer. Say adios to grimy tanks, fittings, hardware and hard-to-reach girders and field rigs; say hello to cleaner equipment. Designed to tackle tough cleaning jobs faster and more efficiently, Riveer RipTide Pressure Washer features full-bore high pressure water delivery technology, giving you diesel-powered washing performance across three water cannons, delivering 3,000 PSI. RipTide pumps out 16 to 90 GPM depending on configuration. This self-contained unit is available with one, two or three pumps; each operating independently in water pressure, temperature and if needed, solvent mix allowing you to blast, foam and rinse. Hot water, warm water, cold water can be used all on the same machine. Operating on diesel from an 18-gallon fuel tank (larger available), RipTide requires no external power making it ideal for field operations without utilities. Accessories include spray wands, foaming guns and water cannons, and because we build RipTide, we can build one to your specs. Skid mounted RipTide is built rock solid, in a urethane painted steel frame suitable for forklift or crane. The open access design makes oil change and routine maintenance quick and easy on this hot water pressure washer that is specially designed to make maintenance simple and worry free.

Water Cannon Add On:

  • 14.5 HP Kubota Diesel Engine
  • 12 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Direct Driven HYPRO Pump
  • 21 GPM @ 500 PSI
  • Adjustable spray wand allows user to
    change from stream to fog

Pressure Washer Features:

  • 24 HP – 35 HP Kubota® diesel engine
  • 12 – 35 gallon fuel tank for engine
  • 12 – 35 gallon fuel tank for burners
  • Individual CAT pressure pumps for true 4.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI operation
  • Belt driven clutch for improved control and performance 
  • Controls allow individual 1, 2 or 3 pump on/off as required for fuel savings and less wear
  • Each pump directly feeds a hose reel
  • Each user has a Reelcraft reel with 100ft of hose
  • Engine is equipped with speed control to save wear on machine and fuel 
  • GripStart™ controls throttle; idle when trigger is released and throttles up when trigger is squeezed
  • Low float protection prevents machine from being run dry and damaging pumps

Hot Water Configuration:

  • Each heater provides 120°F temp rise
  • Made in USA Wayne Combustion burner
  • Additional 12-35 gallon fuel tank provides approximately 12 hrs run time without needing refueling
  • Adjustable temperature control




Capacity: 16-90 GPM

Weight: 2250 lbs

Dimensions: 9' L x 4' W x 58" H

Engine: 24 HP – 35 HP Kubota® diesel

Fuel Tank:
12 – 35 gallon tank for engine
12 – 35 gallon tank for burners

Performance: 4.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI