Are your pretreatment costs out of control?

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Start recycling! Recycling your pretreatment chemicals is not only great for our precious environment but will cut down on your pretreatment chemical consumption and waste, saving you lots of money.

Riveer’s Phosphater, much to the annoyance of chemical suppliers, can save you around 80% annually by recovering and recycling up to 5 stages of pretreatment substances. This aligns perfectly with an aspiration many companies have for lean manufacturing, a method of minimizing waste in production. Think for a minute about how much money you spend each year on pretreatment chemicals and then subtract 20% of that amount; what you have left over is money that could be put toward other more important things. One customer told us they went from around $155,000 per year to about $10,000 per year (more than 90%)!

Like all Riveer systems, the Phosphater is tailored to work in accordance with your unique pretreatment process and is easily adjustable post-installation. A typical 5 stage Phosphater system would look something like this:

  1. Degreaser - recycled to Degreaser Holding Tank
  2. Recycled Rinse - recycled to Recycled Rinse Holding Tank
  3. Zirconium - recycled to Zirconium Holding Tank
  4. RO Rinse - recycled into Recycled Rinse Tank
  5. Sealer - recycled into Recycled Rinse Tank


At the end of each stage, the liquid used during that stage is recovered from the wash rack or booth then sent through the recycling system and into a specified holding tank. Stages 1-3 each have their own holding tanks, but Stages 4 and 5 get recycled back into the Stage 2 holding tank. The recycled solutions must be tested weekly for dilution and then once they hit a certain level, are properly disposed of and replaced with new solutions.

Compatible with degreasers, iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, and zirconium, most Phosphater systems are installed with an enclosed spray booth for collecting run-off, but Riveer also offers partially enclosed steel wash racks or in-ground concrete containment pads. Riveer wash booths are designed to fit your needs and can be completely decked-out with user-friendly features like automatic lighting, climate control, overhead cranes, and even automatic revolving sprayers.

Operator simplicity is a goal we always strive for and it has become a distinguishing benefit of all Riveer systems. To run a Riveer Phosphater system, the operator would simply:

• Set up and secure the parts to be pre-treated
• Press “Stage 1” on the touchscreen panel (usually located by the booth entrance)
• Use spray gun to thoroughly apply the first stage (often a degreaser)
• Allow parts to drip dry for a few minutes (or use an air hose) 
• If any standing water remains in the containment area, squeegee it into the drain
• Repeat process for all following stages

As with any expensive piece of machinery, the Phosphater will treat you only as well as you treat it. Each system comes with a comprehensive maintenance schedule and checklist which, if followed, will ensure a long lifetime for your system. We’ve found this works best when one person is responsible for these duties. Just like your car tells you when it needs an oil change, the Phosphater will let you know when it needs a new filter or if there are any other major issues.

Not only does the Phosphater save you a lot of money, it also helps to save our environment and makes your operations compliant with ever-tightening EPA regulations.