Equipment Wash and Containment Systems

Riveer Wheel Washers, Wash Racks and Filtration Systems deliver unsurpassed performance in oil and gas equipment washing, wash water containment, containment particle separation and water recycling. Superior engineering proven across the plains of North Dakota to the deserts of Kuwait, and heavy-duty mechanical and hydraulic components, engineered to 3X field stress, assure 24/7 operational dependability in the harshest environments. Riveer helps you keep your equipment clean and corrosion free, your operations in compliance while complementing your Best Management Practices.

Upstream operators value the mobility of Riveer Wheel Washers and Wash Racks. These systems are fully deployable, often designed to load into a standard ISO Container for efficient tear-down, over-the-road transport and reinstall at your next drilling field.

As the US works toward energy independence, Riveer Wash and Containment Equipment is the go-to system for obtaining reasonable and effective safeguards against surface contamination on and beyond the drilling pad. Riveer Oil & Gas Field Systems help minimize surface impact, preserve resources and mitigate secondary spill, corrosion, and track-out from first-in to last-out. Tapping America’s shale offers tremendous opportunity to unleash the natural energy available while also taking measures to protect the environment.

MudMaster Wash Rack Assembly

See how a MudMaster assembled piece by piece in this stop-motion video. The steel wash rack shown in this video was engineered, built and installed for an oil and gas company for washing trucks with perforator and logging tool lubricators, flow lines, piping, and manifold oils. Riveer wash racks are customizable and can be built to meet a wide range of specifications.

O&M Wash Racks

Steel wash racks offer more control over containment during routine maintenance of equipment breakdown, capturing perforator and logging tool lubricators, flow lines, piping, and manifold oils. Wash racks are available in a wide range of sizes and wall heights, and can be equipped with Riveer’s water cannon and drag conveyor if needed. Low profile ramp accommodates forklifts, backhoes, trailers and smaller equipment with ease. The containment rack can be placed on any flat substrate, supporting heavy loads without deflection. Wastewater is collected from the drain port to a wash water tank or sump area.

DC X Wheel Washers

Designed for universal use, Riveer wheel washers can be customized to suit your specific vehicle washing needs. With proper drainage, high flow, low pressure nozzles require up to 80% less water while delivering cleaning power for difficult clay, mud, chalk and shale dust on wheels, wheel wells, mud flaps and undercarriage areas. The system can either direct wash water to a settling area, or collect the water for recycling and reuse. Like Riveer Wash Racks, Wheel Washers indirectly serve as a construction mat and traffic funnel, helping assure a more stable, defined egress from the work site. Last but not least, wheel washers are far superior to rumble grates in both cleaning and adherence to Reasonable and Prudent Practices for Stabilization (RAPPS) of Oil and Natural Gas Construction Sites.

MudMaster™ Wash Racks

As the leading wash rack across the globe, MudMaster Wash Racks are designed to bear the load of fracking trucks, tanks, drilling rigs… you name it, we wash it clean. Customized to any length, width and handling capacity, MudMaster Wash Racks wash off and contain damaging debris from upstream operations, keeping contaminants where they belong… on the job site. These above ground steel wash racks collect dirty wash water and solids from vehicle and equipment washing, channeling solids for proper disposal. Installing MudMaster Wash Racks on grade is bolt-together easy, requires no infrastructure, site engineering or permitting. Semi-permanent for short or long term use, MudMaster Wash Racks are ideal for wash water containment on field operations, such as oil or gas exploration, as well as maintenance washing of commercial and military vehicles. Unlike concrete pads, MudMaster Wash Racks can be relocated, expanded or retrofitted with Riveer RTS filtration systems.

Spill Containment

Washing & Secondary Spill
The Riveer Rack is designed as a portable pad for fueling, washing or any other activity that requires capturing and channeling primary or secondary liquids to a container or sump for proper disposal. In addition to serving as a rigid maintenance pad, the Riveer Rack installs and breaks down quickly and easily. Solid footprint, no special site improvements required. Urethane coated deck provides positive slope to center drain.

Spill Response Trailer
Riveer’s Spill Response Trailer is a self-contained all-weather unit for collecting liquid up to 75’ from the trailer and 15’ below trailer deck. A diesel generator supplies lighting and power, and the pumping system can recover 1000 gallons of oil, water, coolant, and/or chemistry in 25 minutes.

Upstream, Midstream, Downstream

Exploration operations deploying to new fields in North America or offshore leverage the mobility
of Riveer Racks, wheel washers and filtration equipment, including specially engineered deployable systems and off-grid systems designed to clean and recycle in areas of little or no utilities.

Riveer Racks, wheel washers and RTS filtration equipment can be installed in more permanent facilities to accommodate the heavy equipment involved in transporting, refining and storage.

Final mile distribution and end-use delivery vehicles undergoing daily cleaning or scheduled maintenance require cleaning, treatment and disposal of oily wash water, all with minimal fresh water consumption, ease-of-use and reduced manpower.