CamelRack Closed Loop Car Wash

Recycle Your Wash Water For Efficiency and Compliance


Wash Your Cars, Trucks, Boats and More with Less Water and Without Ground Water Run Off.

Wash your vehicles on site—and meet Clean Water Act regulations—with the Riveer CamelRack. CamelRack is a closed-loop vehicle wash rack system that reclaims and treats wash water for zero charge washing at any location. Engineered for plug and play operation, CamelRack installs easily on existing grade, such as maintenance or parking areas, even unpaved surfaces: no special permitting required.

CamelRack is an all-in-one system complete with rugged steel wash rack, RTS filtration system and industrial grade pressure washer. From one to one hundred vehicles a day, CamelRack keeps your staff on site, not driving back and forth to car washes. Save time. Save gas. Save money with CamelRack.

How does it work? The RTS technology draws dirty wash from the wash rack drain, then filters, treats and returns clean water for re-use. Standard filtration includes an oil coalescing and oil skimmer – designed specifically for automotive grime — plus ozone injection and 24/7 recirculation.

Install money-saving convenience...keep your maintenance area clean...and eliminate chemical wash water discharge with CamelRack.

CamelRack Features:

  • Riveer_CamelRack_featuresRO filtration for a spotless shine
  • French drain collected wash water, including mud
  • Swivel hose lanyard configured for one or two operators
  • Pressure wand minimizes water usage, delivers wash, rinse and optional foam
  • Diamond steel epoxy grit surface for positive traction even when wet
  • Optional mud conveyor draws solids up and out
  • Easy button control
  • EZ in - EZ out
  • Optional water cannon
  • RTS 500, 1000, or 3000 treatment systems
  • Optional spot free rinse



camerrack_mHolding Tank: 
500 gallons

Dimensions: HD steel pad in 16' x 23' or 16' x 30' standard, other sizes available

Electric: 208, 240, 480 single or three phase

Load: Any OTR vehicle; additional on request.

Process Rate: 2 – 15 GPM

PSI: 100 – 2,000

GPM: 2 – 15

Material: 304 L stainless steel tank and 3/16" steel diamond deck plate

The Riveer CamelRack is covered by patents 6,164,298 6,021,792 and 8,499,774 with additional patents pending.