Delving Into New Markets with Riveer Racks

Industrial -

Riveer recently acquired two new customers in two unlikely markets – the craft industry and the fragrance industry. Oddly enough, these two projects came about right around the same time, and had almost identical washing challenges, although completely unrelated. Both companies use barrels to mix and/or transport the substances they manufacture and then reuse the barrels after a thorough cleaning.

In both instances, a stand-alone pressure washer was being used to clean the barrels in a makeshift wash bay. This solution proved messy and did not provide an adequate method for discarding the goo- and fragrance-infused wash water. This was Riveer’s chance to step in and save the day.

In about a week or so, the craft company and the fragrance company will each have a brand new, fully installed 9’ x 7’ steel wash rack with 6’ high spray walls where they can clean out barrels without making a mess of their shop. All of the water, fragrance and craft substances eradicated from the barrels will be contained within the rack to be pumped out.

In the case of the craft company whose barrels contain glitter, glue, paint and other gooey, messy substances, the discharge consists of solids which can clog up drain lines.

In order to prevent such clogging, their wash rack pumps discharge into a filter which removes these solids before sending the remains to a sanitary sewer. The filtration stage is not necessary in the fragrance company’s process since their substance does not contain solids; their discharge gets pumped directly into a disposal tank.

While the “wow” factor of these two systems is, I admit, minimal compared to some of the other Riveer Engineered systems which can spray and recycle incredulous amounts of water (like the BirdBath), these two projects provide a perfect example of an atypical customer finding great value in our industrial washing products.