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First let me say the spray system you designed for us is a success. With just a few cycles it cleaned our distributor better than it's been cleaned since we bought it."
– Dirk M., Edgar County, IL Highway Department


Water Treatment, Filtration and Washing


You Name the Problem, We Can Build The Solution

Because we design, build and install complete wash rack filtration systems, we are constantly called on to design systems to meet unique customer requirements. These can be multi-stage wash and rinse systems for the phosphate pretreatment industry, salt removal systems for corrosion control applications, automated rinse systems for conveyor lines, or extreme environment installations.

The following is an example of the type of custom system we are called on to build.

The customer needed to wash heavy dirt off of ground support equipment in a hostile remote environment. He had the following particular issues to overcome:

We take pride in our equipment and in our ability to craft a solution to any of your problems.

  • Inlet water was potable, but not up to cleaning specs
  • 230v, 3 phase power available; however, no on site water supply
  • Harsh desert environment; dry, hot and dusty
  • Requested semi-automated mud collection on rack
  • Requested automatic mud removal from filtration system
  • Required stand-alone operation with no daily user input
  • Required Internet monitoring on filtration system
  • Needed both high-pressure hot water and low-pressure high flow washing
  • Required semi-portable wash rack with low ground clearance



Riveer was able to meet all these requirements and deliver the equipment to site all within 60 days. Though one might be tempted to use a perfectly functional used ISO container thus saving a few thousand dollars, we take pride in our equipment and therefore we use new ISO containers and paint them to match our customer’s colors.

If you have a challenging application, give us a call.

Concrete Containment Pads

An in-ground concrete wash pad often has advantages over above ground steel wash racks. In many cases, you may already have a useful wash area, but you need to capture the water before it goes off your property and contaminates a sanitary sewer or a drain field.

If you have an existing pad, we can help you improve it or bring it into compliance. If you are planning to build a new wash pad, we can provide CAD drawings showing your architect or builder how to maximize your layout.

Concrete containment pads are designed for heavy or medium mud loads often associated with trenchers, garbage trucks, street sweepers, dump trucks and many other pieces of equipment.