Engineered Wash Water Recovery Systems

Clean Water – A Precious Resource

Clean water is a precious resource that many are realizing is not always ‘there’ for us.  Whether it’s drinking water or processing the run-off of washing vehicles, water treatment is a vital part of our water supply. Reverse osmosis (RO) is one process that helps keep our water supply clean. Stated simply, reverse osmosis uses… Read the full article

The Mounting War Against Corrosion

According to an article published by the technical association NACE, studies reveal that the direct cost of corrosion to an industrial economy is approximately 3.1% of the country’s Gross National Product (GNP). In the United States, this amounts to over $276 B per year. Corrosion is undoubtedly a key issue in the military. The US… Read the full article

CamelRack: Combatting Invasive Species The Right Way

The most widely referenced research on the issue of invasive species in the U.S. reports more than $120 billion in damages every year (Pimental 2005). Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) play a large role in this growing problem, as they continue to wreak havoc on our lakes, ecosystems and pocketbooks. Whether you use a boat for… Read the full article

Riveer BirdBath in Ground Handling International

The February issue of Ground Handling International featured this great article about the Automatic Clear Water Rinse System, the Riveer BirdBath. Enjoy! Cleaning up – Corrosion is a killer if we talk about aircraft fuselage skins. Thankfully, though, there are solutions within the marketplace that can arrest the onset of degradation. The marketplace is not… Read the full article

Are your pretreatment costs out of control?

Start recycling! Recycling your pretreatment chemicals is not only great for our precious environment but will cut down on your pretreatment chemical consumption and waste, saving you lots of money. Riveer’s Phosphater, much to the annoyance of chemical suppliers, can save you around 80% annually by recovering and recycling up to 5 stages of pretreatment… Read the full article

Tired of mucking out your wash rack?

Get a conveyor to do the work for you! Riveer’s patented mud-dewatering conveyor will greatly improve your equipment washing operations and make it easy to manage heavy mud loads. These days, designated equipment washing areas for containing wash water run-off are necessary for keeping wash operations environmentally compliant and avoid costly EPA fines. Highly effective… Read the full article

BirdBath CWRS Development & Installation

I promised an update on our recent automatic BirdBath installation at the US Air Force Base in Guam so here it is! This time I included more information about how this Clear Water Rinse System was developed and some additional photos from the installation. Aircraft of the US Armed Forces flying over salt water must… Read the full article

California’s Drought Emergency and the Riveer MudMaster

California recently made headlines when Governor Jerry Brown proclaimed a state of emergency in California (Source 1). The executive order issued by Governor Brown was prompted by this year’s water resource outlook for his state: 2014 is expected “to be the driest year on record” (Source 2). Governor Brown has not yet ruled out mandatory… Read the full article

US Embassy in Iraq Employs Riveer MudMaster

Riveer Environmental is putting the finishing touches on its most recent MudMaster 3000, a turnkey solution which includes a closed loop water treatment system called Riveer Treatment System (RTS) 3000 and a robust steel Riveer Wash Rack. The system is designed to maintain itself for indefinite periods of time without intervention, injecting electronically generated ozone… Read the full article


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