Tired of mucking out your wash rack?
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Get a conveyor to do the work for you! Riveer’s patented mud-dewatering conveyor will greatly improve your equipment washing operations and make it easy to manage heavy mud loads. These days, designated equipment washing areas for containing wash water run-off are necessary for keeping wash operations environmentally compliant and avoid costly EPA fines. Highly effective… Read the full article

US Embassy in Iraq Employs Riveer MudMaster
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Riveer Environmental is putting the finishing touches on its most recent MudMaster 3000, a turnkey solution which includes a closed loop water treatment system called Riveer Treatment System (RTS) 3000 and a robust steel Riveer Wash Rack. The system is designed to maintain itself for indefinite periods of time without intervention, injecting electronically generated ozone… Read the full article

Deadhorse Alaska’s New Wash Bay
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DEADHORSE, ALASKA – Last week, two Riveer employees flew 4,000 miles from Michigan all the way up to the North Coast of Alaska, the end of the Dalton Highway (shown in popular TV show, Ice Road Truckers), to install a wash system. This isolated and frigid part of the Arctic Circle is home to less… Read the full article