California’s Drought Emergency and the Riveer MudMaster

California recently made headlines when Governor Jerry Brown proclaimed a state of drought emergency requesting that "all Californians conserve water in whatever way possible." The executive order issued by Governor Brown was prompted by this year’s water resource outlook for his state: 2014 is expected “to be the driest year on record." Governor Brown has not yet put mandatory conservation measures in place for his state because such measures would heavily restrict construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and many other industries.

Riveer is poised and ready to provide water conservation solutions for any business looking to recycle their wash water during this devastating drought. As the leader in turnkey environmental solutions for the equipment washing market, Riveer Environmental has installed more than 900 wash racks and hundreds of custom-designed mobile and stationary solutions worldwide. Riveer’s distinctly innovative designs employ specific technologies for a complete solution to equipment washing and water recycling needs.

Industries which use a lot of water to clean equipment would find a conservation solution in Riveer's MudMaster(TM) products. These semi-permanent, turnkey, closed-loop washing and filtration systems offer varying processing capabilities and come with concrete or steel bays which contain run-off so it doesn't pollute the environment and then transfer it to the Riveer Treatment System (RTS) to be recycled. The RTS water treatment system employs filtration processes such as oil-water separation, oil coalescing, absolute and media filters, and ozone generation to clean the water so it may be used to wash the next round of equipment.

To conserve even more of our earth's precious resources, MudMaster(TM) systems can be outfitted with solar and wind power, energy storage technology and a standby diesel generator to become 100% self-sustaining. NOMAD(TM), as we call this off-grid version of the MudMaster, also harnesses the natural power of the sun to provide hot water for efficient washing. A small footprint and no restrictions on the installation layout makes NOMAD(TM) the simplest self-contained wash rack system in Riveer’s repertoire. It combines MudMaster(TM) rugged construction with RTS 24/7 performance for sustainable PM cleaning and general washing. NOMAD(TM) is part of Riveer’s Green Initiative. Saving water, electricity, and fuel in one system is a triumph of design efficiency.

The MudMaster(TM), whether stationary or mobile, is the perfect solution to drought problems because it sprays water at high pressures to remove mud and contaminants, is EPA compliant, and is a complete plug and play package. At Riveer, we always strive to provide our customers with easy to operate and maintain, environmentally compliant washing solutions.