Tired of mucking out your wash rack?

Heavy Equipment -

Get a conveyor to do the work for you! Riveer's patented mud-dewatering conveyor will greatly improve your equipment washing operations and make it easy to manage heavy mud loads.

These days, designated equipment washing areas for containing wash water run-off are a necessity in order to keep operations environmentally compliant and avoid costly EPA fines. Highly effective in preventing ground water contamination, above-ground steel wash racks or in-ground concrete pads often feature some sort of trough or trench where large mud particles and debris are separated from the wash water so that they may be shoveled out manually (or if the trough is wide enough, a skid steer loader may be used) for proper disposal.

Riveer's patented mud-dewatering conveyor (Patent # 8,499,774) eliminates the need to shovel by automatically transferring any matter collected by the trough out of the rack and up into a portable hopper. An integrated wedge wire separates most of the water from the solids before they fall into a filter-lined hopper which removes even more moisture, leaving you a much lighter load (and therefore cheaper!) for disposal.

Riveer Racks are the only wash racks on the market with this efficient, cost-saving technology. Not only that, but the mud-dewatering conveyor can also be built into a permanent, concrete wash bay. In both instances, the conveyor works seamlessly with Riveer Treatment Systems (RTS) to process your wash water for recycling and proper disposal.

Whether you have a light mud and oil load or you're drowning in the stuff, Riveer has a treatment system that will work most efficiently for your application. In extreme cases of heavy solids, the RTS 5000 has an extra conveyor built into the treatment system for even better processing capabilities, whereas an RTS 1000 would be enough for light mud loads.

Simple one-button operation makes Riveer's world-class RTS systems easy to use; pull the trigger on your wash gun to kick-start the system, then just let go and walk away when you're done. The treatment system runs 24 hours a day to maintain itself and prevent bacteria from growing inside causing bad odors.

The mud-dewatering conveyor is just one of many Riveer Engineered innovations. Whatever needs washing, we can design a highly efficient system that satisfies all your washing needs! Custom systems make things exciting for us so please, keep us on our toes and contact us today for a quote!