Riveer Unveils Industrial Wash System at FabTech

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Riveer is packing up the truck and heading to the Windy City for North America's largest metal forming, fabrication, welding and finishing event, FABTECH Expo at McCormick Place. Opening this Monday, 11/18, FABTECH's four day exhibition will provide a platform for Riveer to introduce its new product line, the WashMaster 500.

Developed specifically for the industrial market, the WashMaster 500 is a closed-loop wash rack and water recycling system for cleaning large parts, assemblies and other industrial equipment. 

This plug and play industrial wash system comes complete with a variable pressure wash wand, an above-grade steel wash rack for containing spray and run-off, and a world-class Riveer Treatment System which recovers and recycles wash water for continuous recirculation.

WashMaster's modular containment rack is easily assembled using a fork lift and features a low-profile approach ramp for loading unstable equipment like powered industrial trucks and man lifts. It comes in three rack sizes, 12' x 6', 12' x 12' and 12' x 18' (custom sizes available), to accommodate different wash subjects and either 6 or 12 foot high spray walls. A diaphragm pump recovers wash water from the rack, removes dirt and oils, treats it using ozone injection and then sends it into a holding tank to be used again for washing. 

Riveer's GripStart technology makes the system easy to use - simply pull the trigger on the wash wand to start up and let go to start the shut-down sequence. With incredibly user-friendly features like diamond-tread non-slip surface, a level center trough, and conveniently located hose hanger, WashMaster creates a safe and efficient washing environment which keeps facilities in compliance with new EPA and municipal regulations for wash water containment and discharge.