Riveeries and Remembrances of 2013

On this last day of 2013, I wanted to take a look back at all that we’ve accomplished this year and give a little teaser for what’s to come. If you’ve been following our blog then you’ll know about us scoring a big win with the installation of our BirdBath Automatic Clear Water Rinse System… Read the full article

Automating Batch Washing Operations
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As an innovation-driven and engineering-focused company, we really like automation. Whenever we’re working on some really cool automated system, all the engineers, manufacturing personnel and sales guys start acting like children on Christmas! Their eyes light up, the corners of their mouths almost touch their ears, and once the cycle is complete, they start chanting… Read the full article

Wash Water Filtration Systems Built to Last
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Over 12 years ago, a tier one supplier for the automotive industry called Federal-Mogul asked Riveer to build them a wash rack that would recover wash water, filter out all of the oils and solids, and then send the clean water back into the pressure washer. The roughly 100,000 square foot facility has a large… Read the full article

Riveer Racks Keep Invasive Species Out of Our Lakes & Rivers
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Riveer is privileged to be located in CNN’s #1 U.S. Destination, Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast. We West-Michiganders fully appreciate how incredibly blessed we are to live near this beautiful body of water and most of us would go to great lengths to protect it from harm. For this reason, Riveer takes issues surrounding aquatic invasive species… Read the full article

USAF BirdBath Update!
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Riveer’s Birdbath installation is coming along smoothly at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. The guys sent us some photos which I wanted to share. I will post a follow-up once installation is complete with more details. Enjoy the photos!

Delving Into New Markets with Riveer Racks
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Riveer recently acquired two new customers in two unlikely markets – the craft industry and the fragrance industry. Oddly enough, these two projects came about right around the same time, and had almost identical washing challenges, although completely unrelated. Both companies use barrels to mix and/or transport the substances they manufacture and then reuse the… Read the full article